7 thoughts on “The Zebulon Scripts”

  1. I’m wondering if the .providing use of the tower should be reserved for later work after all the facets of the tower have been investigated as in Rebsies full moon meditations? Visualizing the tower within the three rings similar to Grays system of growing a tree of life from the bottom of the three ringed sphere to the top of it. The Tower is a type of tree of life?

    1. Interesting! The GK Group rituals always start by tracing out the three spinning rings. I’m sure the seven-faceted spire has its applications, although I’m not sure just what exactly.
      Fr VPS

  2. We probably need more info on the tower . I wonder if knight wrote more. I should start with the three circulations in my work but I don’t work in a full temple and it gets a bit cramped with furniture. I still do the Gray self station rite everyday to keep inner cosmos going. And I do start it with an I AM chant building up the three rings of timelessness sleeplessness and restlessness creating a space of Omnil.

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