History of the Inner Abbey Order

Founded initially in 2011 by the Sacristan John Porter – a student of the Gareth Knight Group, at Hawkwood College, in Gloucestershire, England – The Inner Abbey Order is the latest incarnation of the original The Company of the Inner Abbey.

Having given us his blessing and withdrawn to other pastures, the present Trust is now owned and run by a core group of long term and dedicated members, who were students of the former Sacristan.

Although we continue to downplay the Esoteric Grades, we have maintained the structure of the Three Degrees. These reflect the levels of Initiation within Western Mystery Tradition Lodges. This being said, the Unreserved Dedication (Adeptus Minor) is still a future possibility should we find a physical Lodge.

Some of our members are still in contact with our first Sacristan, who we hold in great affection and very high esteem, as befits such a wonderful spiritual mentor and friend. To read more about him, please click the link below.

History of the Inner Abbey